Feeder cattle volume continues to be high, there were 52,300 head at the test auctions this week, which was up another 4,000 head from last week, but 12,000 head higher than last year. The biggest portion of the run was 500-700 lb. calves and their prices were mixed, with auctions quoting them from a couple dollars lower to a couple dollars higher. The yearling prices were $2-10 lower. Heavy weights, which had the biggest gains last week, had the biggest losses this week.

Turning to slaughter cows, there was another very big run of cows with over 15,000 head at the test auctions but next week a lot of the auctions will be shut down for Thanksgiving week so more numbers now. Prices were higher because last week the cow meat was higher and also packers had to push more this week so they have enough numbers next week when the auctions will be shut down.m