Beef Breed Associations

Breed Association Support Services

Registry Database Software & Support

  • Provides animal ID database complete with interim EPDs, online pedigrees, trait percentile breakdowns, and herd management software, animal search, sire selection service

  • Livestock Geneticist Consultation

    • Performance Programs Development

    • Genomic Component Consulting

    • Genetic Defect Testing & Management

  • Dedicated support hotline and email support

  • Accounting and billing component

    • Monthly statements (print & email)

  • Rebranded to meet specific needs

    • Composites, member vs non-member

  • Includes onsite visit, staff training, and video tutorials

  • Print individual animal registration certificates

  • Electronic AI certificates

Member Development & Recruitment Services

  • Process junior, affiliate or regular membership applications online or via hard copy

  • Email and mail reminders for annual membership renewals

  • Foundation & Breed Outreach

    • Scholarship fund development, fundraising, & membership outreach

  • Internship placement

Event Planning & Organization

  • Junior Shows, Industry Conferences, Leadership Events

Communications & Media

  • Print publication publishing & management

    • Editorial, branding, design, printing & online/mobile applications

  • Online resources-educational materials, video content, breed promotion

  • Digital Communications Platforms for Breed Promo and Education

    • Apps, Email News & Advertising Service, Text News & Advertising Service, websites, social media management, podcasts, web video series

  • Communications & Marketing Strategy

    • Advertising campaign & breed promo

      • Ad creation, placement, & analytics

      • Breed promo material design & creation

Business Development & Sponsorships

  • National account advertising sales & sponsor solicitation

  • Industry relationship building

  • Commercial Producer outreach

Field Staff Service

  • Contract Advertising sales

  • Professional ring service by contract or by minimum advertising budget

  • Herd visits & evaluations

  • Event coverage & representation

    • Tradeshows, industry events, speaking engagements

Online Marketing & bidding

  • Rebranded marketing websites

    • Online auction broadcasts, online only auctions

Accounting & Comptroller

  • Collections, invoicing, bill payment and accounts receivable

    • For membership, advertising, transfers & registrations

Verification & ID Systems

  • Breed specific systems based on tag, DNA, or sire

  • Tied in with value drivers

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