KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hoffman Ranch, Thedford, Neb., took top honors in the Hereford carload show on Friday, Jan. 12, during the 2018 National Western Stock Show (NWSS) in Denver. Sage Krebs, Gordon, Neb., topped the pen-of-three bull show and Delaney Herefords, Lake Benton, Minn., won the pen-of-three female show in the Denver Yards.

John McCurry, Burrton, Kan.; Cody Sankey, Economy, Ind.; and Dale Micheli, Ft. Bridger, Wyo., evaluated the Yard shows, which included six carloads, 32 bull pens and 26 heifer pens. A total of 234 Herefords competed in the Yards.

The Hoffman family’s champion carload of junior bull calves tipped the scales at an average weight of 1,129 lb., and a weight per day of age (WDA) of 3.36 lb. The group was sired by UPS Sensation 2296 ET, HH Advance 4075B ET, JDH JJD 9Y 485T All In 96B ET, H Redline 513 ET, C ETF Wildcat 4248 ET and H/TSR/CHEZ/Full Throttle ET. On show day, the group posted average expected progeny differences (EPDs) of birth weight (BW) 4.0; weaning weight (WW) 62; yearling weight (YW) 96; milk (MM) 26; milk and growth (M&G) 57; rib fat (FAT) 0.02; ribeye area (REA) 0.68; and marbling (MARB) 0.12. The group had an average scrotal measurement of 35.6 cm.

Reserve grand champion carload and reserve champion junior bull calves were exhibited by Jensen Bros., Courtland, Kan. The group was sired by SHF Impact 001A C63, R Leader 6964 and KJ BJ 236X Ribeye 207B ET. The average weight of the load was 1,074 lb. with a calculated WDA of 3.38 lb. The average EPDs of the group were BW 3.1; WW 67; YW 105; MM 31; M&G 55; FAT 0.03; REA 0.56; and MARB 0.02. They had an average scrotal measurement of 33.9 cm.

Winning in the 2018 bull pen show was Sage Krebs, Gordon, Neb., with his champion pen-of-three bulls that first won the junior bull calf division. The calves were sired by ECR Who Maker 210 ET. They averaged 1,223 lb., and had a calculated WDA of 3.85 lb. with an average scrotal measurement of 35.5 cm. The group’s EPDs were BW 3.9; WW 52; YW 90; MM 32; M&G 58; FAT -0.03; REA 0.64; and MARB -0.01.

Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, Idaho, was reserve champion in the junior bull calf division before being selected reserve grand champion pen with a group sired by C ETF Wildcat 4248 ET and CRR 5280. The average EPDs on the bulls were BW 3.1; WW 57; YW 84; MM 35; M&G 63; FAT 0.00; REA 0.56; and MARB 0.11. The pen weighed an average of 1,217 lb. and calculated a 3.43 WDA with a 36.5 cm average scrotal measurement.

The grand champion pen of females and champion in the junior calf division was exhibited by Delaney Herefords, Lake Benton, Minn., and sired by JDH JJD 9Y 485T All In 96B ET and JDH Victor 719T 33Z ET. The group posted average EPDs of BW 2.9; WW 64; YW 104; MM 26; M&G 58; FAT 0.02; REA 0.66; and MARB 0.14.

Next Generation Genetics, Endeavor, Wis., showed the reserve grand champion pen of three females and the champion spring heifer calf division. These heifers were sired by NJW 73S 980 Hutton 109Z ET and UPS Sensation 2296 ET, and posted EPDs of BW 2.3; WW 56; YW 86; MM 24; M&G 53; FAT -0.01; REA 0.57; and MARB -0.02.

Source: American Hereford Association News Release