City Limits Convention Center in Colby is venue

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Updates on the latest ways to use water resources most efficiently on farm fields highlight the schedule for the Central Plains Irrigation Conference and Expo, scheduled Feb. 20-21 at the City Limits Convention Center, 2225 S. Range Ave. in Colby, Kansas.

The primary sponsors include Kansas State University and the Central Plains Irrigation Association with numerous irrigation-related agricultural companies. Kansas Corn will host a dinner and farmer panel as part of the conference.

“This conference is the place to find out about the latest research and technology advances relevant for agricultural producers across the Plains states,” said Danny Rogers, agricultural engineer with K-State Research and Extension. “There’s never been a more important time for farmers to be aware of ways they can conserve water as they help grow the nation’s and world’s food supply.”

The opening day lunch will feature the showing of ‘Thirsty Land,’ a documentary film by producer and director Conrad Weaver about drought, water and agriculture in the western United States.

Conference speakers include university researchers and extension specialists, plus government officials and farmers who will share their experiences, addressing such topics as

  • Using Remote Sensing to Improve Irrigation Uniformity;
  • Irrigated Corn with Reduced Well Capacity;
  • KSU Crop Management Results from 28 Years of Subsurface Drip Irrigation Research;
  • Producers’ Reactions to Water Use Restrictions;
  • Center Pivot Safety and Maintenance;
  • and more than 15 other topics.

Vendors will be on hand as part of the Expo to answer questions about the latest irrigation technology and related services.

More information is available at the Central Plains Irrigation Association website, or by contacting Donna Lamm at 785-462-7574 or

Source: KSU Extension