Questions answered about the Association’s recent purchase of Verified Beef.

Questions from producers about the American Angus Association’s recent purchase of Verified Beef and Reputation Feeder Cattle® program have kept the phone ringing. Here are a few of the most common questions and answers.

Do I have to own registered Angus bulls to enroll calves in the programs purchased from Verified Beef?

The American Angus Association will continue to offer age and source verification with AngusSource® and Gateway. Producers don’t have to use registered Angus bulls to enroll their calves in Gateway. It is open to any breed of cattle as long as they are born on your ranch and you have calving records that show birthdates for the enrollment group. AngusSource is source, age and genetic verification and requires producers to use registered Angus bulls. Producers can choose the program that fits their herd’s breed make-up and management.

What about Non Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) and Never Ever 3 (NE3) programs that Verified Beef offered their customers?

Currently, the American Angus Association is in the process of getting those verification programs approved through USDA. Once USDA grants approval to the American Angus Association, we will begin enrollments into NHTC and NE3. Producers do not need to be a member of the American Angus Association to enroll in any of the USDA process-verified programs.

Can I use the tags I purchased from Verified Beef in the American Angus Association programs?

No. Our age- and source-verification programs (Gateway and AngusSource) use custom printed tags for each specific group of calves being enrolled. Currently, it takes approximately three to five business days for printing. Ground-service delivery is standard from the tag-manufacturing plant in Dallas, Texas. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee.

How can I get my calves enrolled in the American Angus Association’s age-verification program?

There are two ways to obtain an enrollment form:

  1. 1. Download the enrollment form at
  2. 2. Call the office 816-383-5100 to request an enrollment form via mail, fax or email.

Complete the enrollment form and send in a copy of your calving records for the group of calves you want to enroll. An administrator will give you a call to complete the training and enrollment.

Remember, you do not have to use Angus bulls or females to enroll calves in Gateway. Gateway is an age- and source-verification program with no genetic component.

Can I still enroll my calves in the Reputation Feeder Cattle program?

Reputation Feeder Cattle is not accepting enrollments at this time, but if you need to enroll calves in NHTC or NE3, Verified Beef is enrolling calves in those programs.

The American Angus Association’s feeder-calf program will include a new genetic evaluation index scoring system. The new program will focus on average daily gain and carcass quality. In addition, a female replacement index score will be provided. This program is slated to be released mid-year in 2018.

It will be a year of transition. We will get the USDA programs in place soon and the new feeder-calf program will be worth the wait. If you have questions or want to learn more at any time, please call and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Source: American Angus Association