July 24, 2018

Location: Noble Research Institute
Pasture Demonstration Farm
479 Noble Foundation Road
Ardmore, OK 73401
Time: 8 am – noon
Registration Fee: There is no fee for this event.
General Overview

Pasture management can be a challenge, especially considering the complex environmental conditions found in the Southern Great Plains. Success comes from attention to the whole system, which includes cattle, forages and soil health.

At Noble, we are researching forage-based systems for cow-calf production with aims to extend the grazing season and reduce winter feed requirements. We are also examining how summer cover crops can be incorporated into winter pasture stocker systems and how these cover crops impact stewardship and economics.

Join us to get a sneak peek into some of the results from the research projects and learn about the management practices associated with these systems. You will also have the opportunity to learn tools for basic pasture management, including soil testing, grazing utilization and livestock management.

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Source: Noble Research Institute