What’s new from the shows: Companies display new equipment for mowing, harvesting, and baling hay and forage.

By Farm Progress staff

New hay balers top the list of products for the hay and forage market. Several companies, both major manufacturers and short-line companies, introduced several new models of balers, from Kubota’s new BV4580 baler to New Holland’s Big Baler Plus.

Couple these new offerings found by Farm Progress editors with lines of balers still in production as existing models, and there’s a baler to meet just about every need you might have as a hay producer. Many of the new balers displayed at shows show signs of an infusion of technology into the baling process. It’s come a long way when progress was only one man needing to ride on the small square baler to poke in wires instead of two. While far less than a century ago, it seems like eons since that was how hay was baled. 

John Deere introduced a pre-cutter with its 0 series big round baler. It also introduced a revolutionary product featured elsewhere, as a Farm Progress Show editor favorite, which allows a big round baler to bale three bales before dropping them. The goal is to concentrate more bales in one spot to minimize time, labor and fuel spent picking up bales.

Hay rakes and mowers are also in the lineup, along with the latest edition of the Jaguar from Claas, plus a new hay pickup unit for the forage harvester. See your dealer or learn more at the information provided with each product.