by IBBA President Brandon Belt


I struggled this month on what to write. There have been so many things happening all around our country. Thankfully everyone that I know came through it all relatively unscathed, but I know there are many whose lives have been devastated. Those affected by all of the natural disasters and tragedies in our country have been in my thoughts and prayers, as I know they have been in many of yours.

It reminds me of the saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” I believe that applies to our lives, our country, and our breed association. We must stick together as a people, living together in our country if we have any chance of succeeding in the future.

As a breed association, as breeders of Brangus cattle, we must indeed move forward together, if we are to move forward at all.

Fall stock show and sale season is upon us; I look forward to seeing many of y’all as we travel this fall to stock shows and sales around the country. As I have said before, our breed is full of good cattle and good people, many of which I am proud to count as friends.

Until next time, good luck to everyone this fall, and safe travels!

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