Date: 1/31/2018

Title: Release of Report: US. Beef Cattle Identification and Traceability Systems

Background: The 2016-2020 Beef Industry Long Range Plan included the following strategic objective:

Adopt Animal I.D. Traceability Systems – Secure the broad adoption of individual animal ID traceability system(s) across the beef community to equip the industry to effectively manage a disease outbreak while enhancing both domestic and global trust in U.S. beef and ensuring greater access to export markets. Critical and immediate: Conduct a feasibility study to understand the economic opportunity of opening new and expanding markets…and the lost opportunity in the event of an animal disease outbreak.

Report: US. Beef Cattle Identification and Traceability Systems: Opportunities, Obstacles and Incentives Across the Value Chain by World Perspectives, Inc.

The report developed by World Perspectives, Inc. (WPI) was based on the following methodologies:

  • 600-plus respondent quantitative survey.
  • 90-plus interviews with industry participants (all sectors).
  • 23 discussions with state cattle and beef associations.
  • 20 previous academic/government studies reviewed/analyzed.
  • 15 years of data analyzed for demand modeling and economic projections.
  • 9 global systems reviewed via direct interviews with foreign industry association and government officials.

The report addresses an issue that the industry acknowledges needs action, and it contains the information necessary to consider animal identification and traceability in a new framework, including the following conclusions and recommendations:

The industry should be proactive in continuing the discussion of animal identification and traceability based on the framework laid out in the report.

Moving forward, the basic tenets of an ID and traceability system(s) should be [that a system(s)]:

  • Is industry driven.
  • Is managed and overseen by an entity that includes both private and government interests.
  • Maintains data privacy.
  • Is equitable to all industry sectors.
  • Is compatible with common industry practices.
  • Operates at the speed of commerce.
  • Is credible in domestic and international markets

The full report is available online here.