The new Ram 1500 has a lot of new features and while it’s not a heavy duty machine, these ‘half-ton’ upgrades usually offer a sneak peek at what’s ahead

We’re still calling them Dodge trucks from time to time, but since 2009 the Ram brand has been moving along and building market share. Since it’s first significant revamp – after years of the same look – the truck brand in the Chrysler (now FCA) corporate stable has been a gainer. This week at the North American International Auto Show, the new Ram 1500 series trucks got their official debut.

This is one of several launches we’ll cover in the next couple of weeks. We’ve already shared a sneak peek of the new Silverado (and more is coming there too). And Ford is bringing a diesel to its 150 too, which we shared last week. Not it’s the Ram’s turn to show how it’ll keep pushing the envelope, and from its engine choices, new look exterior (with what many may call a more civilized appearance in Limited trim) and a host of other features, FCA means business.

We offer up the details of this new pickup through a slide show offering you many views of the new machine and as many details as we can cram into this space. This is the 2019 Ram 1500 Series, we’ll keep you posted when we learn more about the launch of the Ram Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500 trucks.

What follows is a short summary of what Ram is launching. There are a host of new features that are jammed into this new truck. Read on, but be prepared to ask your Ram dealer a lot of questions.