What’s new from the shows: Big job or little job, there is a mower to meet your needs.

By Farm Progress staff

Whether you’ve got a ditch bank to mow or just your backyard, companies that make mowing equipment have you covered with a wide variety of new and improved products.

Woods ditch-bank mower, which runs off hydraulics, is a move forward; however, it’s almost overshadowed by Woods completely new Bat Wing rotary cutter. Woods specifically sent its engineers and marketing people to customers to find out what they wanted in a rotary mower.

Once they had dozens of ideas in hand, they sorted through the ones that fit their system best and incorporated many of them into their new mower. It even includes a patent-pending lift-assist system for the PTO shaft which, makes hooking up to the machine simpler and less frustrating.

Hooking up the PTO was one thing customers said they would love to see improved in a new machine. This new model also features a sleek design and tons of features based on what customers said they would improve an already popular machine.

Meanwhile, many companies were busy designing new models of zero-turn mowers for lawn and barn lot care and maintenance. Whether it’s Scag’s redesigned tiger Cat II or Dixie Chopper’s Black Hawk machine, these new models include features that should not only add to operator comfort, but also add to dependability and longevity of the machines.

There are other new models from various companies included in the lineup, which Farm Progress editors found at farm shows. Be sure to look through the entire lineup of new products designed to help you get mowing jobs done more efficiently.