What’s new from the shows: Here is a sampling of new tractors on the market.

By Farm Progress staff

Maybe you’re looking for the biggest four-wheel-drive tractor you can find to pull large tillage equipment. Or maybe you need a row crop tractor, but wish there was a high-horsepower model with tracks narrow enough to fit between rows. If you’re a part-time farmer, you might be looking for a utility tractor, or even a subcompact tractor.

Whatever you are looking for, you can find it walking the streets and checking out the booths of farm shows. Farm Progress editors found several brand-new models for 2018 and now bring them to you through virtual reality. If you have heard about a new tractor and it isn’t in this slideshow, that’s likely because it has already been discussed in a previous Farm Progress article. This set of tractors is by no means all-inclusive of all models released in the U.S. this year.

However, this slideshow is representative of the types of tractors manufacturers are bringing to market. Some concentrate on those who need lots of power but still want comfortable rides and other creature comforts. Others tailor their models more to those cost-conscious buyers who want as much quality as they can get for the money they have to spend on a tractor.

Livestock producers will find a variety of utility tractors that can handle loaders for scooping up manure or other materials common on a livestock farm. Some are brand-new lines, while others are seriously upgraded models of existing lines, new for 2018. On the John Deere 5E Series, for example, engineers listened to what customers said. One thing they wanted was more visibility. The engineers redesigned the hood and other parts of the tractor to give the operator sitting in the seat as much visibility as possible.

Click through the slideshow below and see some of the newest tractors out there. Be sure to use the contact information with each item provided if you want more information. Several of the websites can help you locate a dealer if you aren’t aware of one in your area.