What’s new from the shows: Here are products that work around the farmstead and in the field.

By Farm Progress staff

You need a clean, comfortable shop to work in, with the right tools to get the job done. When tractors, combines and sprayers need fuel, you need efficient, easy-to-use systems to get the fuel to the field. And today you need to think about how you will get diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) for fuel emissions to the field as well. Finally, you need ways to work on equipment in the field in situations where it would be difficult to bring it to the shop for repairs.

Companies that specialize in these areas have you covered. Farm Progress editors found a number of products that fit into each of these areas. There’s an insulation system that can turn a metal building into a much warmer work area. There is a welder that uses state-of-the art technology to help you do the best job of welding possible when it’s necessary to make repairs.

Several companies offer products which can help you get fuel to the field. It all depends on whether you need to get a lot of fuel to the field at once, or whether you can still work efficiently by taking smaller amounts to the field. You wouldn’t think of innovation in fuel transport, but HitchDoc has a fuel pod system where the pod can actually fit onto a seed tender, giving you a novel way to get fuel to the field while also getting ready to resupply the planter or drill as well.

Sometimes things break in the field, and the best option is to make repairs there. The new product lineup for this category includes a brand-new service truck decked out with everything you will need to get things rolling again in the field. And when you just feel like cleaning up both equipment and the shop, Hotsy has a new model that can help you do that as well.

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