The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) partnered with Neogen Corporation – GeneSeek Operations to offer a new ultralow density DNA panel (GGP-uLD) with a lower per-animal cost.

The new product offering and pricing began Oct. 1. In addition to parentage SNPs, the new panel will offer imputation up to 50K status for calculation of genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs). This is the same process the current GGP-LD Bovine 50K goes through but with a lower price.

While the current GGP-LD Bovine 50K is $45 per sample, the GGP-uLD is $30 per sample. An important difference to note with the GGP-uLD is that other test(s) (e.g. genetic conditions) cannot be added to the new uLD test.


  • GGP-uHD 150K – (parentage plus $10 genetic condition add-on per test & GE-EPDs): $80
  • GGP-LD 50K – (parentage plus $10 genetic condition add-on per test & GE-EPDs): $45
  • GGP-uLD 30K – (parentage & GE-EPDs): $30

In addition to this new DNA panel, IBBA will, also, be offering members a free replacement tissue sample unit (TSU) for each TSU used to run the new GGP-uLD test. The replacement TSU(s) will be sent to the member when the results are received from the lab and submitted to the member breeder.

The GeneSeek lab is making a big push for using TSUs instead of hair and/or blood samples. Also, effective Oct. 1 is a $1 cost for replacement blood cards, a $1 cost for replacement hair cards, and an additional $4 handling fee for any hair sample submitted for testing. It may be cost prohibitive to continue using hair for DNA testing.
TSU DNA sampler units may be ordered from IBBA for $2.25 per unit. The cost of the tissue sampling applicator unit is $45. TSUs and applicators may, also, be ordered from Igenity or Allflex.

Lastly, there is now a $1 charge for any sample pulls at the lab.

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