While you are focused on raising the world’s most nutritious beef, your beef checkoff is busy opening new doors for beef by showing consumers how beef is a powerful source of protein.

Research has always played an important role in the checkoff’s ability to respond to changing consumer demands. With more lean cuts available than ever before, beef gives consumers the high nutritional value they’re looking for with a relatively low-calorie count.

See how your investment is opening new doors for beef by showing consumers just how nutritious this total protein package can be.

“It’s important for checkoff dollars to be using research money for nutrition because that is the reason we eat beef,” says Joan Ruskamp, beef producer from Dodge, Nebraska. “Sure, we like the taste, the flavor and the smell, but if it’s not good for us, consumers aren’t going to buy it.”

Your checkoff is investing in beef research to help consumers understand how nutritious beef is and how it plays a vital role in a healthy diet. New research published in Obesity Science & Practice shows that lean beef, as part of a healthy and higher-protein diet, can help people lose weight while maintaining muscle and a healthy heart.1

“The Beef WISE Study: Beef’s Role in Weight Improvement, Satisfaction, and Energy,” conducted at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center with a research grant from the beef checkoff, adds to the growing body of evidence demonstrating lean beef can contribute to a healthy weight loss diet.

Your checkoff is sharing beef’s nutritional benefits with consumers on the checkoff’s re-designed BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com website. The site provides consumer-friendly, easy-to-understand information to show why beef should be part of a healthy diet.

You can stay up to date on other ways your checkoff investment works for you at MyBeefCheckoff.com.

1Sayer RD, et al. Equivalent reductions in body weight during the Beef WISE Study: Beef’s Role in Weight Improvement, Satisfaction, and Energy.
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