Angus Genetics, Inc., and Neogen GeneSeek Operations launched Angus GS™, a new genomic profiler for Angus seedstock cattle, on Nov. 4 at the 2017 Angus Convention in Fort Worth, Texas.

“Angus GS is a DNA test built specifically for the Angus breed and is a big part of our strategic plan for breed improvement,” said Allen Moczygemba, Association CEO.

Angus GS, sold exclusively by Angus Genetics, Inc., (AGI), is an affordable tool that will empower genomic selection for Angus breeders and accelerate breeding progress.

“Angus GS contains DNA markers that are highly informative for Angus cattle,” said Dan Moser, AGI president. “This will help us more accurately see how these cattle will perform. The profile will also help pinpoint new traits of economic benefit.” Cattle producers use DNA to predict traits bulls or cows will pass on to offspring, helping them make breeding and ranching decisions.

“Angus GS is designed to genotype the whole herd, not just the bulls,” Moser said. “Using genomic tests with females helps a breeder know more about their cow herd and use what they learn to make better mating decisions that result in seedstock that meet their customers’ needs.”

The American Angus Association unveiled the new product during its International Genomics Symposium at the 2017 Angus Convention in Fort Worth. The genomic test was produced in partnership with Neogen GeneSeek Operations, which helped select the DNA markers for genomic predictions and future improvements in fertility, feed efficiency, meat tenderness, animal health and environmental adaptability.

“Angus GS is an example of leadership and innovation to help association members take full advantage of new technology,” said Dr. Stewart Bauck, vice president, Neogen GeneSeek Operations. “We are pleased to work with the American Angus Association and help producers gain deeper insights into the future of their operation and the Angus breed.”

To learn more about using this technology in your Angus herd, visit the AGI website.

Source: American Angus Association