Need a quick catchup on the ag news of the week? Here are 7 agricultural stories you might have missed this week.

1. A $1.51 billion settlement has been reached in the nationwide class action lawsuit filed in Kansas federal court over Syngenta’s Viptera corn seed. It is believed to be the largest agricultural litigation settlement in U.S. history. – Farm Futures

2. The amount of Kansas in extreme drought doubled from the March 1 report of the U.S. Drought Monitor to the March 8 report. In western Kansas, the period from Oct. 7 to Feb. 13 was the driest on record going back to 1874, with only a trace of moisture so far this year. – Kansas Farmer

3. An agreement has reportedly been reached to revise Section 199A of the tax code, which was changed as part of the tax legislation passed in December. The provision gave farmers a 20% deduction on payments for sales of crops to cooperatives. – Farm Futures

4. Iowa farmer Gordon Wassenaar has hosted thousands of visitors from more than 70 countries on his farm 30 minutes from Des Moines. He is especially proud of a visit from Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug. – Wallace’s Farmer

5. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Michael Conaway said he’s delaying the release of his farm bill draft in an effort to round up more Democratic support. Democrats are opposed to the food-stamp cuts in the proposed bill, which could drop 8 million people from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  – Farm Futures

6. Chemical application expert Bob Wolf says the best way to reduce dicamba drift is to start with the right nozzle. – Prairie Farmer

7. Bayer’s plan to win approval for its takeover of Monsanto is awaiting approval from U.S. Justice Department officials. Dow Chemical Co. won approval to takeover DuPont and ChemChina won approval to takeover Syngenta. – Farm Futures

And your bonus:

Michigan now has a final version of a plan to improve water quality in Lake Erie. It targets specific actions to achieve a 40% phosphorus reduction goal by 2025. – Michigan Farmer