This week’s featured video highlights the White Angus breed of cattle being developed at the UF/IFAS Range Cattle Research and Education Center, in Ona, Florida. These are not purebred Angus, but a line of cattle that are approximately 3/4 blood Angus that have dark skin but light colored hair coat. When White Angus cows are bred to purebred black Angus the calves retain their light hair coat. In the deep south, having the positive characteristics of Angus yet with white hair, actually more like light grey or silver, is a significant advantage, because the cattle stay cooler in the summer than black calves. There are some challenges with perpetuating these traits in offspring for multiple generations, so if you are really interested in this topic, you need to watch the second video, from a webinar to hear Dr. John Arthington explain the breeding systems required to maintain this gene expression.