By Jared Decker

$20 Genomic test including parentage

The American Simmental Associations strives to leverage all its resources to provide the industry with the best prices and most robust science.  The Cowherd DNA Roundup is a perfect example of a breed association that works for its members and customers.

Breeders who submit a DNA sample on their entire cowherd can get genomic-enhanced EPDs and parentage for $20/test.  Like how that sounds?  There’s more!  Breeders who submit cow weights with either body conditions scores or hip heights get an additional $5 off per test – an amazing price of $15/sample.

This project marks a major investment from the American Simmental Association towards research and development.  The $15 test is only available for the first 15,000 samples with phenotypes submitted.  There is no estimate of when the results will be available on samples submitted.  Donor cows and bulls do not qualify.  No additional DNA tests are available with this offer.

Leoma Wells, ASA’s DNA and Total Herd Enrollment (THE) Specialist, will transition from DNA Services to ASA’s point person for the Cowherd DNA Roundup project. When asked about the transition, Wells says, “I am excited and grateful to be a part of this revolutionary project. It combines two of my favorite areas, DNA and data collection on females. The wheels are turning and I absolutely can’t wait to get started and smash the goals we have set.”  In September, ASA will welcome Carolyn Wild to the DNA department to help with the daily DNA services.

Contact Leoma Wells or Jackie Atkins for more information 406-587-4531.

Source: ASA Weekly Newsletter

Decker’s Take Home Message
I love programs like this that strive to create win-win situations. The American Simmental Association needs mature cow weights to accurately describe cow nutritional requirements through a Mature Cow Weight EPD. This EPD will allow another economically important trait to be added to economic selection indexes.
Further, this project will increase the number of genotyped cows. This will ensure that more herds are genotyped from the bottom to the top, and not just the top cows and bulls.