Beef Cattle Biosecurity Plan for Disease Prevention

– Steve Boyles, OSU Beef Extension Specialist Biosecurity plays a key role in Beef Quality Assurance In support of cattle producers across the country dedicated to preventing disease, improving animal welfare and reducing production losses, the Beef Checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program developed a Daily Biosecurity Plan for Disease Prevention template. The template, which [...]

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Meeting Protein Requirements When Protein is Expensive

– Katie VanValin, Assistant Extension Professor, University of Kentucky One of the things that we know for certain is what goes up must come down, and in the agriculture industry the opposite is also true. For a whole host of reasons, we see fluctuations in all our commodity prices. In the beef industry, we can [...]

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Rising Feed Costs Being Felt

– Jeff Lehmkuhler, PhD, PAS, Associate Extension Professor, University of Kentucky Looking back on 2020, the year had its share of pull your hair out and scream moments. Just as we were nearing the end, another slap in the face came as grain commodities began to run up on the trade market. This is a [...]

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Don’t Quit Now!

– Les Anderson and Jeff Lehmkuhler, Beef Extension Specialists, University of Kentucky Many things in life make sense on the surface. Mark Twain once said “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so”. A great example is using water to put out [...]

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Retail Beef Prices Continue Higher Than Last Year

– David P. Anderson, Professor and Extension Economist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service One common question from back in 2020 was how quickly retail beef prices would return to pre-pandemic levels. Retail beef prices have declined, but remain above year ago levels. USDA’s All Fresh beef price series peaked at $7.38 per pound in June, [...]

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Weekly Livestock Comments for January 15, 2021

– Dr. Andrew Griffith, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Tennessee FED CATTLE: Fed cattle traded $3 lower compared to last week on a live basis. Prices on a live basis were primarily $108 to $110 while dressed prices were mainly $172 to $174. The 5-area weighted average prices thru Thursday [...]

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2020, Has it Changed How Consumers Shop for and Consume Beef?

– Mike Estadt, OSU Extension Educator, Pickaway County (originally published in Ohio Farmer on-line) Is this our future? Place an order on that will be filled and stocked in this Automated Farmers Market. You then receive a confirmation QR code that your order is ready. When you arrive at the locker you simply scan [...]

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Preparing Your Cows for A Successful Breeding Season

– Dr. Les Anderson, Beef Extension Specialist, University of Kentucky A successful breeding season begins with management decisions made prior to calving. As we move into the winter-feeding period for spring-calving cows, cattlemen need to review their management plan to ensure optimal rebreeding and success. Rebreeding efficiency can be optimized by focusing on body condition [...]

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Pasture Management; It’s All About Maximizing the Grazing Season!

– Victor Shelton, NRCS State Agronomist/Grazing Specialist They might make good pies, but blackberries in a pasture can reduce grazeable acres. Winter is setting in. The impact of the dry spell in late summer and early fall is now more evident as stockpiled forages that normally would have lasted a bit longer start running short. [...]

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Will Seasonality Patterns for Beef Export Sales and Commitments Hold in 2021?

– Elliott Dennis, Assistant Professor & Livestock Extension Economist, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska – Lincoln Trade occurs when price differences between the two locations are large enough after accounting for transportation cost, exchange rates, tariffs, etc. Exports vary throughout the year since prices reflect current and future supply and demand situations. Seasonality [...]

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